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Welcome to TalesonSilk

Tales on Silk is a labour of love to showcase lesser known arts and artisans of India to the world. The effort is to create  contemporary home decor pieces which tell a tale about the art form and/or the artist who created them.

TalesonSilk was founded by Nirali, an expat living in the Netherlands, who wanted to create a platform for arts and artisans from India so that they can expand into the mainstream. 

Meet Santosh Maravi

We heard about Santosh Maravi for the first time when we were researching Gond art forms. We were so inspired by his work that we wanted to interview him and understand his thought process behind his work. 

Contacting Santosh was a fun challenge in itself, where we reached out to friends who may have contacts in the artists community as well as social media to see if we could find him. Another challenge was that Santosh constantly moves around within India, where he paints impressive murals for universities and other institutions. Eventually, we did manage to get in touch and interview him.

That interview led to the creation of our collaboration with him, which we are so incredibly proud of.

Shop his original paintings which tell of the melancholy a tribal artist feels when they see the environment around them changing.

Buy Santosh's Original Paintings
Sashiko black geometric embroidered cotton cushion cover
Sashiko circles white cushion
Sashiko flowers hand embroidered 100% cotton cushion
Owls on a tree Hand Embroidered 100% Cotton Cushion cover
Cancer Zodiac Hand Embroidered 100% Cotton Cushion cover
Leo Zodiac Hand Embroidered 100% Cotton Cushion cover

TalesonSilk x Ahambhumika

Introducing a very special collaboration between TalesonSilk and NGO Ahambhumika. Ahambhumika is based in Bhopal, India and supports 30 rural women artisans with the aim to provide them with a sustainable livelihood, in two villages on the outskirts of Bhopal. These women are proficient in hand embroidery and make embroidered panels which are then transformed into cushion covers such as this one by a stitching unit comprising of another small group of rural women.

Shop hand embroidered cushion covers

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