A unique holiday

A unique holiday

Travel has opened up around the world. In this post pandemic world, why not take a holiday that is truly unique & will live with you forever. 

We have gathered these amazing tour providers which focus on touring Indian tribal communities. They offer immersive, yet responsible experiences with Indian tribes, tribal culture, their arts, foods & way of life. 

Tribal Tours in India

Tribal tours in India

Image credit: TribaltoursinIndia

The company is called i4u travel services & operates across India. They are run from central India and are recognized by the state government in central India. They run tours in various parts of the country which offer an immersive experience into the tribes of the chosen region. 

They have a website packed full of information on each region and a quote is provided on request for the kind of trip one would like to take. 

They cover a large part of the country from Odisha in the east to Ladakh in the north. One can choose a region and ask for a call to design the trip. 

 Gaia Tree

Tribal tours in India by Gaia tree

Image credit: Gaia Tree 

Gaia Tree is a beautiful initiative by a lady called Padmaja to support tribal culture & artists in India. They specialize like us in Gond art, but cover a wider spectrum of folk art from India. It is truly a holistic initiative offering artworks, workshops as well as exhibitions for these communities.

The reason they are mentioned here is because they also offer curated trips around specific tribal communities. 

They work very closely with the communities and support them in all possible ways.

Have you taken a unique holiday post pandemic? Share your story with us! 

In the mean time, you can start your tribal art collection here

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