Man with a blue cushion in elephant motif sitting on a grey couch with a blue cushion cover

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is. Not only is it a common used sentence, it is also very true.

Man with a blue cushion in elephant motif sitting on a grey couch with a siamese cat Please allow me to quickly introduce myself. My name is Pim Nugteren, I live in Amsterdam and during my days I like to keep busy working as a Marketing Communication Manager at an international company. Apart from that I love to write. I write columns and articles for several magazines like Glamour, Grazia and Winq Magazine. Any time I find some time off I love scrolling down my Instagram (follow me if you like: @pimnugteren), having drinks with my friends, or cuddling with my Siamese cat. Especially when it comes down to those last activities the main goal is to relax, let go of any stress that is in my life at that point and just enjoy a quiet evening at home.
That home by the way, is also something that really means a lot to me. Recently I’ve moved to my dream apartment at Prinsengracht. For those of you who have never been to Amsterdam, it is the most famous Amsterdam canal that hosts events like Amsterdam Gay Pride and Prinsengracht Concert. The apartment I moved to was one I have had my eyes on since August 2017. The canal house was built in 1730, which makes it a monument on the UNESCO World Heritage List together with the pyramids of Egypt, the Tower of Pisa and the Great Wall of China (how cool is that?!). I fell deeply in love with it and knew that it just had to become my home. And finally, almost two years later, it did.

I was over the moon with joy and knew right away that this special place on earth had to be treated with all the respect it deserves. So when I started to think about how to decorate my new home I knew I wanted to add something special to really catch this sacred feeling of being home. And I found just that in Tales On Silk.

Not only are the Tales On Silk cushion covers beautiful, they also allure a sense of peace and serenity. Exactly the feeling I like when I am home. I really love all of the products, but the latest collaboration with artist Santosh Maravi caught my eye the most. Santosh Maravi is an emerging Gond artist from India who created images with powerful stories behind them. Not only are these cushion covers beautiful, they also have an important message on the back. This message is about the disappearing of forests and with that animals losing their homes. It is a subject deep to my heart as I adore all kinds of animals.
The one that immediately caught my eye was the pastel blue one with a herd of elephants under a tree. I love the soft and warm colors and the way the elephants and the incredibly beautiful tree were painted. On the back the message behind the image is revealed saying: “An Elephant herd thinks of carrying the forest with them so that they do not need to keep moving as the forests are destroyed by humans. They believe that by simply carrying their home with them, they would not be harassed by humans and can live happily.” It was a message that almost brought tears to my eyes. It means a lot to me to have this Tales On Silk cushion in my home. Not only is it beautiful to look at and does it make me feel even more at home, also it helps spread this important message of awareness to all my guests. It’s so much more than just a cushion, it’s a beautiful conversation starter.


Blue cushion with Elephant motif on a grey couch in a room with wooden beamsBlue cushion with Elephant motif beside a black lamp on a window ledgeBlue cushion with Elephant motif next to a black & white photographBlue Cushion with elephant motif on a window ledge





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