Home office decor ideas

Home office decor ideas

It seems as though the home office isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The good part about a home office is that you can decorate it whichever way you like. We have incorporated these ideas in our home offices and it has definitely given us a sense of calm and a greater motivation to work. 

Make a designated space

While a designated home office is definitely a luxury, try and see if you can carve out a space that is your office everyday. If possible, avoid working from the bed or bedroom. You want to keep some boundaries between your place of rest and your place of work. 

Create a desk

A desk automatically creates a designated space. There are some incredibly creative solutions out there for all spaces of all sizes. Here are our favourites. 

A hanging desk

 Hanging desk


A flexible height desk

 Flexible height desk


A dresser as a desk

 A dresser desk


 Add Art 

 It does not matter what kind of Art, it could be prints, quotes, neon signs, maps, favourite move posters, photographs or even your favourite pages from a magazine, a little bit of Art will immediately give warmth to your space. 

Home office with The King
 Add art to home office


Add some foilage

Put some plants on your desk or on the floor around your designated space. See if you can have your desk face a window so that you can see outside. It is a well known fact that the green of nature calms eyes as well as mind. 

 Add plants to your home office


Do you follow any of these? Do you have more ideas to share? We are all ears. Chime in the comments 




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