Tribal Décor in a Modern Space

Tribal Décor in a Modern Space

Most tribal art originates on walls in homes, making it an integral piece for home decor. Right from paintings by cave people to modern day tribal art, the practice of painting murals on walls is the basis of all tribal art forms. It is no surprise then that Tribal Décor can be incorporated in varied interior styles such as scandi, industrial, eclectic etc. seamlessly. Tribal pieces bring in a sense of craftsmanship, storytelling, travel and culture to any space.

Commercial establishments still utilize mural paintings as the ultimate expression of their appreciation of an art form. Popular Gond artists such as Bhajju Shyam have famously painted a mural for a restaurant in London, which led to his much acclaimed book: London Jungle Book.

Part of Bhajju Shyam's Gond mural at a restaurant in London

Bhajju Shyam's mural at restaurant "Masala Zone" in London
Image credit: Tara Books 


Another example is that of a mural painted by celebrated Gond artists Venkat Shyam & Lado bai and their families for a unique office building for a digital marketplace in India. You can read more about it here.

Gond mural painted by Venkat Shyam, Lado bai and their families at Flipkart

Gond mural painted by Venkat Shyam, Lado bai and their families at Flipkart 

Image Credit: Flipkart

We have collected some exceptional examples of tribal murals in modern homes on our Pinterest board tribal décor.

Hand drawn Gond painting on stairs inside a home

Hand drawn Gond painting on stairs inside a home
Image Credit: Pinterest


While getting a mural painted would indeed be the highest appreciation one can show towards an art form, this option  isn’t always available to all. However, there are more accessible ways to incorporate tribal décor in your home. One of the easiest of them is adding tribal accents to your décor. Accessories in the form of cushions or a piece of furniture in a tribal style are a great way to introduce interest. Tribal accents add authenticity and uniqueness to any décor style and evolve into great conversation starters. Our Tribal Décor Pinterest board also showcases some beautiful tribal art furniture pieces.

Chest of drawers with a Gond peacock motif
Image credit: Pinterest


The beauty of tribal art is that you can mix up pieces from different parts of the world and they will mesh together perfectly. A great combination in the living room can be Gond cushions and a Navajo blanket on the couch with African masks on the wall. The key is to add pieces gradually so that the effect is more curated and eclectic and filled with pieces you love and have a story behind them.

Gond painting in an office

So, go ahead and start collecting. Follow us on Pinterest for inspiration and if you already have tribal art pieces at home, share your collection with us on social media or by writing to us. We would love to see them.

Build your own tribal art inspired home décor collection here

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