World’s Best Art Blogs – According to us

World’s Best Art Blogs – According to us

We at TalesonSilk are always on the look out for interesting design or art related resources for our supporters. At times we chance upon things that make us squeal like children in a candy store and we cannot wait to share them with you all. This is one of those. We have rounded up, what according to us, comprise the world’s best art blogs. The list is a mix of popular blogs which are packed full of not only visual inspiration but also quirky, interestingly written pieces that are a joy to read. We hope you find some gems in here for yourself.  


They have been called the “The Tate Modern of the Internet” and are a webby nominated blog who provide an international platform for contemporary art in various creative fields. This visual spectacle of a blog showcases some of the most interesting artists in the world today along with exceptional writing by their seven contributors. The blog features Art, Design, Photography, Craft, Illustration as well as food, light, books and much, much more. They even have a shop for quirky stuff like a moon puzzle! We have found it quite difficult to leave their website once we are on it, so go there when you have some time on your hands!

My Modern Met:

They call themselves a big city that celebrates creativity. Founded in 2008, they not only provide a platform for artists, but also encourage positivity through their engaging and quirky articles. From doodles to art history on a mug, this publication makes for a fun read any time of the year. They cover topics such as Art, Design, Photography and more. You can also become a patron here and support the arts.


Founded by Greek interior designer Costas Voyatzis in 2007, this beautifully design blog features art, design, architecture, fashion as well as the recently introduced city experiences. At the time of this writing, it only features Athens in the city experiences, but from the experiences are pretty comprehensive and neatly categorized in Sleep, Eat, Drink, Shop & See. Incredible visual imagery is accompanied by useful information such as opening times, addresses as well as snippets on each item on the lists. Another interesting element of this blog is its events calendar. You can put in the date and place and it will show you what is going on. It’s a great resource for city trips.

Cross Connect:

A great place to discover new art, illustration and photography Cross Connect Magazine describe themselves as a vibrant community comprised of content curators and artists. Their team page shows the amazing mix of contributors that they have. The magazine showcases some of most interesting artworks including pieces of music. Browsing through this site is like going through the discover feed in Instagram x 10. If you are looking for the adrenaline rush of discovering something new, this website is for you.

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