Living Together - Original Gond Painting by Santosh Maravi


This original work by Santosh Maravi talks about living together and in harmony. The story goes that once a bird made its home in a tree. Soon enough, another bird dropped a seed which grew into another tree right next to it and this bird made that tree its home. At the same time, another seed carried by air germinated into a third tree. The birds initially were weary of each other and the other trees which seem to be encroaching into their home, however, they soon realize that there was enough space for both of them and the 3 trees if they all lived in harmony. Its a beautiful representation of the workings of nature. 

Santosh Maravi is an emerging Gond artist, who apprenticed under Mayank Jangarh Shyam. We did a fascinating interview with him, which you can read here. Santosh creates imagery with powerful stories behind them. We are thrilled to give you the opportunity to purchase some of Santosh’s work from us.

Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 61 x 92 cms or 24 x 36 inch

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