The Water Raven - Original Gond Painting by Rahul Singh Shyam

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This original Gond work by Rahul Singh Shyam depicts the fishing skills of a water raven. The water raven flies over the river and unfurls its wings like an umbrella, thereby preventing sunshine from reaching the water. The fish are deceived into believing that the sun has set and nightfall has descended. Hence, they become less active and more languorous in their movements. This is the perfect set-up for the water raven to swoop and pluck the fish out of the water. 

Rahul Singh Shyam is an emerging Gond artist, who apprenticed under the great Bhajju  Shyam. We did a fascinating interview with him, which you can read here. Rahul's vibrant work represents nature's ways through depictions of everyday incidences in the lives of animals, birds and trees

Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 61 x 92 cms or 24 x 36 inch

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